Common error with Pro configurable product grid table view extension is conflict with ajax add to cart extension. The conflict is shown with error message “Please specify the product’s option(s)”

Please find below some ways to fix this issue with some ajax add to cart extension from various extensions provider here. .

1. Conflict with Smartwave_Ajaxcart

2. Conflict with PT_Ajax

3. Conflict with Amasty Ajax add to cart

4. Conflict with Magentothem_Ajaxcartsuper

Please check our solution to fix the conflict with above extensions here.

5. Conflict with Hardik Ajax Cart

You could edit this file to fix this conflict

edit /app/code/local/Hardik/Ajaxcart/controllers/Checkout/CartController.php

Please check our CartController.php attachment for more information. 

For more information about product, please refer Pro Configurable Grid Table View page.

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