Different between add children products directly and through parent configurable product

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I think there is a problem adding to cart children of configurable products directly, the product is not exactly the same, look I did 2 orders adding directly the children and other selecting the size and color:

Adding children of configurable products directly:

Adding children of configurable product selecting the options:

As you can see the results are a bit different… How could be done that adding children of configurable products directly show the size and color like the other way?


When you add a child of configurable product directly into the fast order form, that product is represented as a total dependent single simple product without any relation to the its parents configurable product.

Meanwhile, when you add a child of configurable product into the fast order form by selecting the options on the popup, that product is defined as a child product that belongs to the parents configurable product.

Hence, the display of that product on the fast order form and item ordered in those two cases are different from each other. It is the logic of default Magento but not a bug of our Wholesale Fast Order extension.

Could you please double check by adding the children of configurable products to cart in two ways: directly from their product pages and indirectly from their parents configurable product page to reaffirm the above information?

For more information about product, please refer Magento 2 Wholesale Fast Order page.

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