1. Products do not show on the frontend

==> Try reindexing and flushing cache.

2. I'm adding a product with price scope set to store view, the product is not showing on the frontend and in admin panel on category page I see the price as zero. I have to turn your module off (by setting the price scope to website), add the product, turn it back on and set the prices.

==> The cause: Module Multiple store view pricing  catches event "catalog_product_collection_apply_limitations_after" to set "catalog_product_index_price_store" table from  "catalog_product_index_price"  

If on the site, this event is not caught, product data will still get from table "catalog_product_index_price", not "catalog_product_index_price_store" => new products are not reindexed per storeview

==> Solution: Using module Bss_ProductCollectionRewrite 


Note: If the product price or currency symbol shows incorrectly, please check your currency rate to see if they are set correctly: https://prnt.sc/l137f8