After installing the app successfully, please go to Admin ⇒ Apps ⇒ Login to Access Pages.

Step 1: Enable the app

In Enable, choose Yes to enable “Login to Access Pages” functionality and No to disable it.

Step 2: Choose the display type

In Display type, there are two options available.

  • Show Custom Content: On selecting it, a Content field is shown. Feel free to tailor any message to inform customers of the login request.

In the storefront, this content will be displayed when guests try to access the private page.

  • Show Login Form: Instead of the custom content, you can display the default login form, making it quick and easy for customers to log in and continue exploring pages.

In the store front, the login form will be shown instead of the custom message.

Step 3: Choose page types to restrict access

Login to Access Pages by BSS Commerce gives the freedom to apply the force login function to various page types as wished.

In Specify URLs: Select specific page types which you desire to grant access for the logged-in customers only. Multiple selections are allowed.

Step 4: Choose Redirect Type

In Redirect type: Set up where to redirect customers after their successful login.

  • Default: Like the Shopify default function, customers will be redirected to the Account Dashboard page after logging in.

  • Custom URL: An additional field named Redirect url is shown. Then, insert a specific URL to redirect customers after their login.

  • Previous URL: Customers will be redirected to the previous page after logging in.

On completing all configurations, remember to Save.

In the storefront, when customers login successfully, they will be redirected as set.

If you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact us via email

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