After installing the module on our site which uses theme CleaverSoft/moza, the one page checkout is very ugly.

How to fix it?


This issue due to the conflict between our module One Step Checkout with your third party theme CleaverSoft/moza.

To fix this issue, please go to Store --> Configuration --> BSS Commerce --> Custom Style --> Custom code and paste this code below to the field custom code in the backend:

.checkout-container {
margin: 0 0 20px;
margin-top: 50px;

.ccavenuepay_frontend_logo {
width: 340px;
background-size: contain;
ul {
padding: 0;
ul>li, ol>li {
list-style-type: none;

.checkout-index-index .opc-wrapper .opc>li .checkout-shipping-method {
margin-top: 0px !important;

.shipping-policy-block.field-tooltip {
top: 40px;
.bss-onestepcheckout #opc-sidebar .discount-code #discount-form .payment-option-inner {
width: 55%;
display: inline-block;
.checkout-index-index .actions-toolbar {
margin: 0;

.actions-toolbar {margin-left: 0 !important;}

If there is anything else we might help you, please do not hesitate via

We'd be happy to support.