If the Divide sitemap section is configured, the sitemap will be correctly generated in the /pub folder, but if the Divide sitemap is configured as None, the sitemap will be generated at the root


There is a bug in our Google XML Sitemap module. When generated Sitemap, the code:

$destination = rtrim($this->getData('xml_sitemap_path'), '/')

     . '/' . $this->getData('xml_sitemap_filename');

$this->processVariable->getDirectory()->renameFile($path, $destination);

will replace the Sitemap file with the file in the destination. However, in the destination section, the root path is not appended, so if the root path is different from the Magento default, it will still be replaced = '/' (default).

To temporarily resolve the issue, please edit the file: app/code/Bss/XmlSiteMap/Model/Sitemap.php as below:


Or download the file attached below to override the current file on your site.

If you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact us. We'd be happy to support you!