Steps to replicate:

- Generate the Meta Template at any scope

- Go to a generated product, select scope: All Store Views, and then click Save button

Expected result: the Meta data at All Store Views scope is not changed

Actual result: the Meta data at All Store Views scope is changed according to the Meta Template


When catching the event catalog_product_save_after, the module does not check the current store view of the product, meanwhile. in the configuration of the Meta Tag Template, there is no option to select All Store Views. Therefore, the generated data in Meta Tag always is always set for All Store Views and you need to check the store view condition other than 0 (All Store Views) then update. 

To temporarily resolve the issue, please edit the file: app/code/Bss/MetaTagManager/Observer/AfterProductSave.php as below:


Or download the file attached below to override the current file on your site.

If you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact us. We'd be happy to support you!