Step 1: Create an an API account to use SOAP 

You go to System >Web Services >SOAP/XML-RPC> Roles to create Roles

In Role Resources, tick Update (as the following image) to have rights to update products :


  • Next, you go to System >Web Services >SOAP/XML-RPC> Users to create users. In User Role, you choose Roles that you have just created. 

Step 2: Call API to update product price per store view 

  • Assume that the account created in the step 1 has the following information: 

  • User name: api

  • Password: api123

  • You use this code to run update:


// If some stuff requires api authentification,

// then get a session token

$session = $client->login('api', 'api123');

$result = $client->catalogProductUpdate(




    'price' => {price}, 




*Note: you need to change some things such as: 

  • Replace {magentohost} by the domain of the website that you want to update 

  • Replace {product_sku} by the SKU of product that you want to update 

  • Replace {price} by prices that you want to update 

  • Replace {store} by store code or store idd of store that you want to update product price

For more information about product, please refer Multiple Store View Pricing page.

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