As soon as we change the backend settings in System - > Configuration -> Catalog ->  Price -> Catalog Price Scope to Store View, the frontend prices for configurable products with Super product attributes configuration in Product Information -> Associated Products sets itself empty. This seems because of two different tables used depending on which Price Mode is enabled.

Catalog Price Scope = Website - Table = catalog_product_super_attribute_pricing

Catalog Price Scope = Store View - Table = catalog_product_super_attribute_pricing_store

We need to find a solution that the pricing is shown correctly when Store View is enabled.


The root of the issue is due to the necessary data was not duplicated from the old table (which is catalog_product_super_attribute_pricing) to the new one (which is catalog_product_super_attribute_pricing_store), as the price of configurable product's options will be got from the new catalog_product_super_attribute_pricing_store table when the Mutiple Store View Pricing module is enable.

Could you please copy the data from catalog_product_super_attribute_pricing table to catalog_product_super_attribute_pricing_store table to solve the problem?

For more information about product, please refer Multiple Store View Pricing page.

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