It takes the whole website's screen and copy that into the popup. I can see in app/code/Bss/Quickview/view/frontend/layout/bss_quickview_catalog_product_view.xml that some blocks like "header.container" should be removed but they do not.


In order to fix this issue, could you please refer the guidance below?

Step 1: Finding name of header and footer in your theme.
In folder web/app/design/frontend/Name-of-Theme/.../Magento_Theme: find layout/default.xml

For example: 

<block class="Infortis\Base\Block\Html\Header" name="base-header-container" before="-" template="html/header.phtml">
=> Header is: base-header-container

<block class="Infortis\Base\Block\Html\Footer" name="base-footer-container" before="before.body.end" template="html/footer.phtml">

=> Footer is: base-footer-container

Step 2: Replace name of header and footer in the Quick View module.

In folder: app/code/Bss/Quickview/fontend/layout/bss_quickview_catalog_product_view.xml, finding the below lines:

<referenceBlock name="header.container" remove="true" />
<referenceBlock name="footer-container" remove="true" />
Replace header.container and footer-container with the name of header and footer that you find out in step 1.

For more information about product, please refer Quick View for Magento 2 page.

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