We just purchased and installed your gallery extension.  Everything seems to be working well so far however the gallery item image we upload doesn’t show up in the admin panel on the grid view and also doesn’t show up on the storefront.


The issue might be due to permission, so it's unable to read image file using getimagesize function. We suggest to modify these files on your site to fix this:

- app/code/Bss/Gallery/Block/ListCategoryGallery.php

public function getImageUrl()

public function getImageResize($image)
- app/code/Bss/Gallery/Block/CategoryView.php
public functiongetImageUrl()
public function getImageResize($image)
- app/code/Bss/Gallery/Block/Widget/Gallery.php
public functiongetImageUrl()
public function getImageResize($image)
- app/code/Bss/Gallery/Ui/Component/Listing/Column/Thumbnail.php
public function prepareDataSource(array $dataSource)

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