We currently have 4 store, and many products. The reindex price process used to take 1 min, but it is 5 minutes for now. This is a problem, because we need to reindex price 4-5 times per days. And slow reindex causing very bad UX right now. Is there a solution?


We would like to confirm that the reason why the reindex process takes longer is due to it has to index more to save the prices according to the store views.

Could you please set the Index Mode as "Update on Save" instead of "Manual Update" in order to get the products' price be reindexed automatically whenever you edit any current product or create a new one? In other words, if the index mode is set as "Update on Save", you needn't reindex manually after making any change on the products.

Please have a look on the screenshot below for reference:


For more information about product, please refer Multiple Store View PricingĀ page.

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