Question: How can I  manage Individual Product Price of Group ProductI want Group Product in which manage Group Product's Simple Product's price manually.

For example, if customers buy all 3 associated products in the grouped product, they will pay the fixed group price for a group of 1 Top; 1 Bottom & 1 Shoes + the regular price for extra associated products.



 1 Top $50

1 Bottom $100

1 Shoes $100

Bundle price= $200 (($50 discount for buying all three)


 1 Top $50

2 Bottom $100

3 Shoes $100

Paid: $200 + $100 for bottom + $200 for shoes = $500


2 Bottom $100

3 Shoes $100

Paid: $200 for Bottom + $300 for shoes = $500


For your concern, we'd like to confirm that our 'Grouped Product With Custom Options' extension only supports adding simple products with custom options to a grouped product, not support fixed price feature for Grouped product. The price calculation logic still remains the default Magento logic. If you want to implement Individual Product Price of Group Product feature, we would like to offer our customization service and charge you amount of support fee.

If you have interest in our offer, please let us know.