Question: If I display it by “Tab information”, it will display as a first tab. How do I move it to middle or last tab?? I’d like to have the 1st tab for “Product Detail” tab. 


Please edit file /chroot/home/cuteprin/ 
Line 22:

<referenceBlock name="">

        <block class="Bss\SizeChart\Block\SizeChartTab" name="bss_sizechart_tab" after="product.attributes" template="Bss_SizeChart::SizeChartTab.phtml" ifconfig="bss_sizechart/bss_sizechart_setting/enable_bss_sizechart" group="detailed_info">


                    <argument name="sort_order" xsi:type="string">[sort_order number]</argument>

Edit the sort_order number with the number compare with other tabs.