I use your module B2B Registration v1.3.5 on our store M2.3.5-p1. However, when we access b2b page, it redirects to 404 pages.

I find that there is a conflict between BSS module B2B Registration with the two Amasty modules installed on our site are: SEO Toolkit and Xsearch. Is there any hotfix?


To solve this conflict, you could hotfix by creating a page with this block on it:

{{block class="Bss\B2bRegistration\Block\CustomerRegister" name="bss-register" template="Bss_B2bRegistration::account/register.phtml"}} 

And then copy the URL key of the page and paste to the config B2B Account Page Url as below:

However, this solution will affect the config related to fields and title on the setting config (image attached for reference).

If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.