We have the following environment: 

+ Magento 2.3.1, 

+ BSS_B2bRegistration extension version 1.1.6.

+ BSS_ForceLogin version 1.0.4. 

+ Amasty Reward Point

We have set a reward for customer registration, eg: 100 points for registration. 

If we have B2bRegistration disable, ForceLogin enable, everything works correctly and registration points are created to the customer's account after registration. 

If we have B2bRegistration enable (and set "Disable Regular Registration" to YES) and ForceLogin enable, then registration points will not be created at all.


The root of problem: 

We have checked and found that this is caused because the Amasty module uses event customer_register_success and checks some rules to apply point when registering B2b customer. 

Whereas, our module Bss B2b Registration uses another event when registering B2b customer: "bss_customer_register_success"


We would suggest that you should change event in this file /app/code/Bss/B2bRegistration/Controller/Account/CreatePost.php into default event (reward point is applied when registering customer) 

Hence, please edit this file: /app/code/Bss/B2bRegistration/Controller/Account/CreatePost.php to get the reward point.