After installing the Multiple Store View Pricing extension version 2.3.5 on Magento M1.9.2.4, I got an issue related to reindexing with ForeignKey from table mg_catalog_product_index_group_price_store.

How can you help to fix it?


The reindex issue is caused due to the ForeignKey from the table mg_catalog_product_index_group_price_store.

Since the ForeignKey part is not necessary, so to fix the issue, we have hot-fixed to remove it from our extension. (the Magento default also does not the ForeignKey part).

To remove this part, we have modified this file app/code/local/Bss/MultiStoreViewPricingPriceIndexer/sql/bss_multistoreviewpricingpriceindexer_setup/upgrade-1.0.4-1.0.5.php.

Please check the attachment file to get the changed file and replace it and then flush the cache on the site.

If you need any further support, please feel free to contact us.