The design does not match our theme Zemes_theme066. The dark color is too dark and you can t see the writing. And the grid table has no line to define it and it's too close to "buy it" button.


The root of the issue is that our module has a conflict with the 3rd-party theme Zemes_theme066.

Since theme Zemes_theme066 uses SCSS, so it can not render CSS from module.less of our module.

We have hot-fix this conflict.

Please follow this guide to fix it

Step 1: Add file app/design/frontend/Zemez/theme066/Bss_ConfiguableGridView/layout/default.xml 

Step 2: Add file app/design/frontend/Zemez/theme066/Bss_ConfiguableGridView/web/css/style.css 

Step 3: Run command upgrade + deploy

Note: With step 1 and 2, please find our instruction as attachments below.

If you need any further assistance, please feel free to email us at 

We are always willing to support you.