I'm encountering an issue with Gitlab's CI.
I managed to install the vendor locally with these credentials, however, when using Gitlab’s CI, I get an authentication error as follows:

Failed to execute git clone --no-checkout '' '/builds/project/vendor/bsscommerce/guest-to-customer' && cd '/builds/project/vendor/bsscommerce/guest-to-customer' && git remote add composer '' && git fetch composer && git remote set-url origin '' && git remote set-url composer ''

Cloning into '/builds/project/vendor/bsscommerce/guest-to-customer'...
remote: Invalid username or password
fatal: Authentication failed for ''

Small precision: the credentials have been added to the auth.json file.

After debugging a little, it seems like your repository tries to access it from bitbucket, which requires a bitbucket account.

Isn’t there a way to bypass that?


The issue above due to the fact that BSS Composer is not familiar with Gitlab-CI.

To solve the issue, please do as steps below:

1. Config cache for composer 

2. Config repository URL including Basic Authentication information following:

composer config repositories.bsscommerce composer https://<public_key>:<private_key>

If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to leave us a message via

We'd be happy to support!