With the latest Customer Attributes module 1.2.9 and M2.4.1 creating a full shipment for an order does not automatically change the order status to 'Complete'. It stays in the current status, normally 'Processing'.  

The shipment is created, but a new duplicate shipment can also be created, as the system does not seem aware of the items already shipped.

In the 'Items Ordered' table under the Qty column, the 'Shipped X' information is missing after the shipment is created.

When I disable the module the shipments, status, and quantities all work as expected.

How to fix this issue?


The root of the issue is that the API gets the order two times and causes the issue on M2.4.1.

To solve this issue, please edit the file app/code/Bss/CustomerAttributes/Plugin/Api/OrderRepositoryInterface.php

Could you please replace the fixed file and flush the cache on the site?

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