Is there a way to use the translation for the customer attribute label I created in the order confirmation email, invoice, shipment, credit memo?

Note that I use M2.4.x and module version 1.3.4.


To fix this error, please download the files fix I attached below and overrides the current files on your site:

+ app/code/Bss/CustomerAttributes/Helper/GetHtmltoEmail.php

+ app/code/Bss/CustomerAttributes/Observer/Order/CreditMemoEmailTemplateVars.php

+ app/code/Bss/CustomerAttributes/Observer/Order/InvoiceEmailTemplateVars.php

+ app/code/Bss/CustomerAttributes/Observer/Order/OrderEmailTemplateVars.php

+ app/code/Bss/CustomerAttributes/Observer/Order/ShipmentEmailTemplateVars.php

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