1/The Payment is not displayed on Select Payment Methods.

2/ I am using Braintree as Payment Gateway, it is the default Credit Card Payment in magento and your module not create the Invoice. I create an order and the Invoice is not created.

Can you check please.

Thank you.


1/ The root of problem is several payment methods not having labels to show up in config.

To solve this issue, please open:

edit this line:
then add new file (see attachment)

2/ Please check your Payment Methods setting. 

Auto Invoice for Magento 2 works properly if "New Order Status" is "pending".

With Braintree, it's set "pending_payment". You could customize our module to let it run with "pending_payment" as below:

Replace this file: app/code/Bss/AutoInvoice/Model/Observer/AutoInvoice.php

by the AutoInvoice.php as attachment.

For more information about product, please refer Magento 2 Auto Invoice page.

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