The new products after installing Multiple Store View Pricing extension aren't displayed in featured products.


The root of the issue is due to the prices are got from an old table while they are actually saved in a new table when the module is enabled.

In order to fix this, could you please add the codes below in the collection which call out the product collection?

edit app/code/local/Magiccart/Magicproduct/Block/Product/Grid.php

add line 121 to 134 :

if(Mage::helper('multistoreviewpricing')->isScopePrice()) {

                $fromPart = $collection->getSelect()->getPart(Zend_Db_Select::FROM);

                if (isset($fromPart['price_index'])) {

                    $indexTable = $collection->getTable('catalog/product_index_price');

                    $indexTableStore = $collection->getTable('multistoreviewpricingpriceindexer/product_index_price');

                    $select = $collection->getSelect();

                    if($fromPart['price_index']['tableName'] == $indexTable) {

                        $fromPart['price_index']['tableName'] = $indexTableStore;

                        $select->setPart(Zend_Db_Select::FROM, $fromPart);

                        $select->where('price_index.store_id = ?', $collection->getStoreId());




For more information about product, please refer Multiple Store View Pricing page.

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