How to resolve conflict with custom theme

Created by Katie Bui, Modified on Mon, 15 Oct 2018 at 05:01 PM by Katie Bui

Many custom themes use different class structure rather than that of Magento default theme, which might cause a conflict and make Add Multiple Products to cart not work properly.


Step 1: Add Class ID of product list pages or CMS pages

- Open a product list page or CMS page where you want to apply our module, press F12 or right-click and choose Inspect/ Inspect Elements.

In the first line starting with <body , we can find the Class ID, choose a random part of the class ID

For example, in our demo site, it is “catalog-category-view”

In the field: Apply "Add Multiple Products" in backend configure: add  ".catalog-category-view

Step 2: Add Class ID of product list in the certain pages

In the same page (product list page or CMS page), right-click at a product and choose Inspect/ Inspect Elements

  • Move the pointer to each line in the Inpact (all tags when right-click at the product).

  • Stop when noticing a blue background – color covering all all product list

  • In this line, there is the class (id) we need. Select a random part of this class (id) đó.

For example, we choose “products-grid” at our demo site:

In the field: Apply "Add Multiple Products" in backend configure: add  a space and add

  • “.products-grid”  - If it's "Class" in your theme

  • “#products-grid” - if it's "id" in your theme

Step 3: Save configuration and Flush Magento cache.

Note:  classes (ids) will  be separated by “,”

For example:  .catalog-category-view .products-grid,.catalog-category-view .products-list

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