I use Magento M2.3.0 and module M2 Pre Order v1.1.4. However, the Pre Order button doesn't show in the landing page.

I find it due to the conflict between BSS Pre Order with module Plazathemes_Pricecountdown installed on our site.

 May you please help to fix it?


The module  Plazathemes_Pricecountdown changes the position of element in the block and add to cart is out of block product-item-details.
Hence, our module js couldn't find the correct element add to cart to change the label to Pre Order.

To solve this, you could customize js of BSS Pre Order to fix the conflict with module Plazathemes_Pricecountdown product block the file: 


Please download the attached file below and overwrite the current file on your site. 

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