We have a product that has more than 100 options and when we access to the product in the backend and we give it to show the options we can see that it is very very slow in showing the options (more than 10 minutes), after finishing loading we can see that if we modify the name of an option it takes another 10 minutes to make any other modification, this would not be a big problem because it is very rare that we need to make modifications but we can see that at frontend level is also quite slow (30 seconds) until we can select an option.

I think that the slowness problems are due to the dependencies calculation.

Could you please check this case?


The reason is that the dco-control.js component has a lot of unoptimized code, and triggers too many events, so the DOM processing part has a lot of downtimes.

To solve this problem, we have added optimized code and added file app/code/Bss/DependentCustomOption/view/frontend/web/js/dco-control.js 

Please apply this file on the site and then flush the cache. 

If you need any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We'd like to help.